Me and 2010 has arrived

Alhumdulliah! I am back from the holy trip of HAJJ 1430.

It’s been around 15 days i have came back but i am so busy these days in attending guests, collecting flowers, sweets and duays ( and feeling damn lazy too) so i couldn’t able to let you know guys about my arrival.

As I am back in town.. i will be back soon on my blog too and don’t worry wil lread all your posts too 😉

till then…

take care …..

cheers folks!


baa~bye my blog fellas!


Up till now, in my life of 21.75 years, I have got so many unasked blessing from al-mighty Allah that no matter if I spend my rest of life in offering gratitude prayers for what I have got so far, will never be enough or if I attempt to make a list, I would definitely forget many of the things to mention but still HE never forgets me when it comes to shower HIS mercy and love.

 In one of my previous post’s comments, I might have mentioned that good days are coming …. yes but I want to re-phrase it here like good days were never gone… they were always there for me… Allah Pak just wanted to test my believe in HIM; how I gonna react if HE bit change my track of life… would I start complaining or remain faithful with my faith on Allah Pak and this is what we call a life… a series of unpredictable ups and downs… laughter’s and tears… glory and gloomy

since march my entire year spent in nursing my mom as first she was badly hurt into a road accident and later on she caught by herpes zoster which took her on her death bed but nothing is beyond to Allah Pak’s benevolence HE returned my mom from the door of heaven Alhumdulilah and now MashaAllah who ever met with her… could not stop his/ herself to mention that she didn’t look like as she was on her death bed. she looks MashaAllah MashaAllah so healthy, fresh, vibrant and full of life now and I am so so happy for my mommy off course 😀

I have remain on and off innumerable times from my darling blog without any notification but this time I am leaving a baa^bye note for my fellow bloggers before I take an official leave from them Yes guys… I will not be able to write over my blog as well not able to read your posts and share my thoughts with you via my comments for 2 months I am going on a break from November 1st 2009 to December 31st 2009 I will rejoin you all INSHAALLAH on January 1st 2010… if I remain alive till date

 Since I have started writing my blog, some of the times I told you guys about my reason of being away and some times I didn’t but this time I am without any doubt going to tell you because the reason is so blessed in its way that I still feel like living in a dream

 Alhumdulilah! Alhumdulilah!! Alhumdulilah!!! By the grace of al-mighty Allah, I am going with my parents to perform the pilgrims of HAJJ this year yes guys! I am so so so happy that I am even unable to express it in my gratitude prayers grey days are gone my mom’s health improved phenomenally and MashaAllah with in 6 months she is fit to travel and perform all the rituals of hajj

this time Allah Pak has rewarded me with such a big opportunity that even I never dreamt of ( happening in my life so early) yes no doubt going to the holy city Makkah, offering prayers in masjid ul haram and masjid ul nabwi was my deep down desire ( like every other muslim) when ever I watch images of holy kabaa or the inner views of both divine masajids either on TV. or internet or any where, my heart cries like any thing and I complain Allah Pak that please call me to visit the most sacred place in this universe some times (if truth be told) I kind of did argument with Allah pak during my prayers that what so awful I have done that you are calling every one to visit your home but not me and then tears ran down on my cheeks and my heart sobs like any thing and I used to ask Allah Pak please call me once… just once… I am dying to be there Offering rituals of umrah was always in my and my parents mind my mother was planning since 2004 that when her daughter will be done with her graduation in 2008, the whole family will go to perform umrah in 2009 during the month of Ramadan but sadly she fell in poor health right after my graduation but you will agree with me on this that when Allah Pak bless with us, he bless us more than our imaginations

all the mandatory measures has been taken and we are all set to leave for the holy journey but before taking leave, I would like to ask my humble amnesty for all my words (in the form my any post(s)/comment(s) or any thing) which might impair your emotions or had been reason of your sorrow whether with intent or with out intent.

 Please forgive me… accept my heartfelt request for forgiveness and pray for me and my parents that we have a safe and successful journey and ALAH PAK give us so much wisdom and strength that we make the most of this holy opportunity and we return with the blessing of performing HAJJ-E-MABROOR (InshaAllah).


Sum a’meen

Best regards,




a Post by Immi

she is a sadness Stealer

               cut-knee Healer

               hug me Tighter

              wrongness Righter

             goldstar Career

            chcolate Sharer

            hamster Fedder

            bed time Reader

            great game Player

            night fear Slayer

            treat Dispenser

           naughty Sensor

she is my never Glum

                      constant Chum

                       second to None



P.S.: A while ago, kiddo Immi sent me this post with the following sms

“Asho baji! i searched out this only for you because you write on blog.”

Sorry bacha! for posting it a bit on my blog .. hope you didn’t mind

and for my readers.. its is neither written by me nor bye my kid brother who sent me this.

He just searched it over internet to express his emotions towards the most precious personality in the whole world.

So I with my apology to its origina lwriter that without taking your permission i am publishing it over my blog and dedicating to all the beautiful mothers and  esp to Abida Aunti.

I know you are with us aunty (in our hearts) but you know how much immi , duffero and didi loves you and nothing in this world can express their feelings for you .

May Al-mighty rest her soul in peace




I don’t know either its tiredness of an exhausting life style I am breathing since

So many months or its some thing in air or in my soul

I really don’t know but I could relate my self very much with this post of siras

I have so many things to write about on my blog, to share with you guys

So many good news, but still some where in side me

I am feeling damn lethargic

but its not only lethargic ness

Its some thing beyond it

might be my senses are being indolent

or my soul has drained

still so many things are undone in my account of responsibilities I know I will do all of them

InshaAllah but still some thing is constantly bugging me

making me relentless with every moment passing by

I am tired

I am feeling more than eerie which I am unable to understand even

I switch on my desktop many times just to shift my circle of thoughts but I find this an handicapped effort

I also logged in to my blog to pen down such feelings but every times I return from my dashboard

I have a pile of many things on the left side of my table to read as well but I am acting like as I am simply not interested.

so many new posts by fellow bloggers, new articles, some books

but i am feeling like I am escaping from every thing which is coming in front of me

and surprisingly I am searching one who might be escaping from me

 my  brain is even kind of switched off these days as I am unable to remember things so I am taking help from sticky notes.

My all over surrounding either is more like some notice board where I manage to place my all pending works in forms of reminders and alarms over that sticky notes with this hope that some day soon when I will be in my regular usual mood, I will go through all these stuff.

 it’s all about feelings

it took so long for me to bring down my emotions like a static river but don’t what life wants me to do with my own self

every day someone comes and throw a new pebble in the river of my life and I found my self bemused in sorting out those high and low waves of my own life

 Don’t know where I am adopting the wrong approach

I only know what ever I am doing these days is just to bring my life up to some surface from where I can start a simple and bit easier life

but these twists and turns are erratic

 Just made a cup of green tea for me which realized me that cinnamon sticks are out of stock now so now I have to make my tea probably without it

And now soothing my self with it (tea) and drowning into O meri jaan from the movie tum milye 2009 but this song is constantly reminding me of another song O meri jaan from the movie life in a metro which has the same header but different feel and concept.

 I had been improperly away from my blog since so long for so many reasons together

Now days I am stuck with some new responsibilities so they took almost my whole day and I felt dead from my inside when I came back home usually after dusk

Plus suffering from flu and fever since 3 weeks so my rest of the energy is consuming these days in khu khu and chu chu  and un announced electricity failure just for the noble cause of loads shedding is some thing which we don’t need to mention.

 Mom and dad are really upset with my ill ness as I was doing really really bad but I was so stubborn with my illness that I didn’t go to the D.r even though having a bunch of doctors in my circle as fend, I preferred to stay with flu and fever

 But when my mom started making baseless worrying notes (she is mom dude… so worrying for nothing is basic element in the clay she has been made of) either I am caught by some dengue fever virus or some swine flu related thing (GOD FOR BID) so that why I am not recovering and my condition is getting worst day by day. 

 So to make her all thoughtless but caring statements wrong, I had to take a dose of calpol 250mg, ponston, olideon and actved P for two days to get rid from dear flu and fever J

 Finally fever has gone and the 80% flu as well… just some baby germs of flu left with me as I guess they love me in the same way as I adore all kinds ( no matter they are either of humans or germs :P) so they might leave in a day or two

 Haahh… see So many excuses to stay from my blog

 I had gone through and even going through as well from unexpected zigzag of time and I have so many things to write about

When I opened my blog to write about all of them, I got so confused to start from which one and later on I sign out with this thought that it’s better not to write all rubbish here

 I had started writing an anonymous piece of fiction but I stuck some where now in that too and now I don’t feel like to publish it separately with a title so I am adding it here in this same post


I am awfully sorry for being so stupid on the phone last time ( as luckily for you, it was last time for both of us) believe me you know me  I never got so emotionally but don’t know hat happened to me at that time might be I was trying to act like some drama queen as I watched in so many films that heroine used to successfully stopped the hero from getting out from her life but I forget that heroine has to be good lucking, charming, eye candy of all , a fairy of with blessed fortunate and I have not a single thing enlisted in me

 but what do I do I never decorated my eyes with so many dreams and themes in last three years as I did in just last 3 days of our relationship

The feeling of belonging to you officially for forever was new for me

The moment you told me the news I got confused how to react , I know I did stupid things you might be expecting a warm hug from me that can energize you in a new way, a soft melting kiss that can probably suck all the worries from you but I acted wired that moment and might be spoiled your excitement but trust me I was unable to react

My heart, my mind, my soul every thing got blanked the moment you told me that you convinced your family for me

 and a week later… a week later you came up to me with a wedding ring in your hand of someone else’s name

I am still unable to decide which moment was dream and which was reality

Whom to trust and whom to not

 I even don’t know what to yell

Even either to yell or not

Cry or not

Smile or not

Look happy or broken

Or look calm or unease

 Either to ask why you did this to me or

Why this happened to me

And if asked … asked to whom

I am not blaming you for anything; you don’t need to feel ashamed for any thing

You know I can’t see you failing, hiding or feeling guilty for any thing in your life regardless of its your mistake or not.

Realizing one’s mistake and admitting it in front of victim is a big thing in my eyes and i don’t want to give you any more sentence than this that you realized by your own self that where did you lack

I just want to see happy, content, confident and successful

You did what you supposed to do

Falling in love was not in our hands… it was our fate that we met with each other and fell in immense love for each other but our families and our responsibilities  comes always earlier from our love and I am delighted that you chose to obey your elders.

It might be an act of cowardice that you gave up but for me its an act of feeling proud that no matter how much you love me, you made a decision which will keep the smile of those who love you even more than me.

Yes… but I am sad as your elders didn’t find me up to their mark.

I wish I would be more beautiful and more fortunate so I could have you as my life partner

But on the same side, I am happy for you that you are not as alone as I am and your those last lines are still echoing in my soul that you have moved on

Unable to figure out either you just said to make me feel bad for you or you really moved on but I  am really really happy for you that you have moved on with the girl whom your elders has chosen for you

I wish both of you a blissful life

I really wish that you may never forget me till your last breath but I don’t wan t to make you to experience the edginess like I am feeling with every moment passing by

It’s to be sure hard to wish but I wish that you put me out of your mind and soul as soon as possible

It’s your first birthday that I didn’t wish you

I am sure you are getting tons of wishes as last night when clock has struck twelve but I fee l so uncomfortable with this thought that this time who was that first one who wished you at accurate 12:00am instead of me

I remained so yen through out the day but still I managed some how to live without wishing you

For a moment I thought I should send you a birthday greeting but you know nothing is more important for me more than your joy and I don’t want to spoil your mood especially when its solely your day.

You might not know this for sure but Since we were together, I used to plan things for your birthday through out the year.

Things like what gift i am going to give you on your this birthday, how I am going o wish you, what special arrangements I should do to make you feel extra special on your such a big day and most importantly what my personal luxuries/ necessities I have to cut down to collect the money to celebrate your day fully.


 Stuck here… unable to decide where to turn it and frankly how

By the way…

The above fiction is basically an inspiration from so many heart broken people I am talking these days

At every corner I find a person with eyes full of tears and shattered hopes and dream and badly needs a shoulder to cry on

So I am the one who is offering my shoulder so one can take out his/her all exhaustion and have at least a peaceful sleep for couple of hours that might help him to came back on track of life

 I never understood why it is always shard for people to burry all their self made day dreams and fantasy lives.

Living in a relationship is not a crime, its good if you like some one and want to spend your life time with that particular person but wake up ppl…you both are just met how could you start building dream houses dream day schedule with perfectly fitting that special into all this without letting him know

 I prefer not being indulging in all this stupid activities first

Please please pelase don’t make heaps and haps of promises and commitments with other  person about whom you are not sure either you can fulfill those or not

Just stay together as good frnds, share your things, give space to each other , respect each others privacy , know each other more and more

And you can do all these without saying each other I lub u or I cant live with out you

With the time, if you find the other person as you mr/ miss perfect , tell your family n that person too about your feelings and make the things official

 Well I know none is going to consider all this as a great piece of advise but thts is all what I think and it is not necessary at all that you storm of opinions goes with my breeze of thoughts 😛
and you end up saying well done… smart  piece of advice ash 😉

 What else to write…  Hmmmmmmmmmm

Oh yea… Another incident which might prove easily that how dumb and dull I an going these days :-/

Two days back while going towards Akuh cafeteria from ward d-1, a girl with her parents just jumped in front of me from the elevator side and started walking in front of me as she was supposed to go the cafeteria as well, her back was at my front as she was walking just 2 steps a head of me.. My mother was waiting for me few steps away from the entrance of cafe.

I was so busy in defeating my head ache at the moment that in spit e of concentrating her voice, hairs and looks, I rather prefer to give attention to her dress, earings and shoes ( I know… typical girly things:P)

She was wearing a black and green combination shalwar kameez and which made me realize that I don’t have this particular blend in my wardrobe means it will be a addition in my wardrobe in near future 😛

Didn’t liked her sandals golden golden and hand bag was out dated too( that checks and lines one)

I crossed her and reached up to me mom and i find my mom sayin to me

Did u look at her

I said no didn’t manage to see her from front but I loved her clothes I am surely going to make same combination dress soon

She said me dumb… recongise her she comes on tv

And when I again saw her at the entrance of cafeteria, I found she was actually sanum balcoh… the girl was in Doraha… nurpur ki rani and these days in manchalay  and as a morning show host at HUMTV as well

The new heartthrob of tv these days

I dun like her much on tv but she was really a pretty looking girl in real and I simply managed to ask her hello sanum how are you ? and she said fine with her smile

Then I moved on , took a chair out and waited for clock to struck 3:15pm so they open the canteen and I could satisfy my tummy

But the rest of the cafeteria was acting so weird

All the guys were going from in front of her , throwing smile at her and trying to start a chit chat wit her but poor lady was so busy in attending her phone calls that she hardly noticed any of them but bravo boys! kept trying out till last I guess

While I was enjoying my fish cutlet ( gawd I luvvvv akuh’s canteen menu) a girl hardly managed to not collide with my chair andsaved me from giving bath from her cok’es bottles as her eyes were fixed on sanum baloch and she was heading towards me in stead of going to her table

And she smiled foolishly and said oopz I was watching the sanum .. she is sitting right there with her family but I don’t like her parents … they are so ok but she is so cool na

I was like KKK wow… celebs have really become public property as any one any time can comment anything regarding them, their families and personal lives

Thank gawd I have no craze of being any kind of celebrity coz If any one had said some thing same for my parents I would definitely sue that person

But I just managed to hide my all hairat and said to her its ok

Yea she is nice girl.. I too just had a hi hello with her

And now ladies and gentleman… I became the the true example of an urdu saying” apne paon pe khud he kulhari marna)she stared me for more than a moment in a way as I did some thing really alien and after coming out from shock her expressions was like…

Omg you had a conversation with sanum baloch.. api api(calling her elder sister 2 tables ahead from our table right standing over my ear) she almost shouted out loud…  she had a conversation with sanum she saw her cosely

Her sister jumped out from her chair and the very first thing she asked to me

Did u notice which shade of blush-on sanum  is wearing on her face

she doenst’t look so fresh and fair on tv as she is looking now

I am sure she is using some roll-on base and natural shade blush

The moment I listen all this … I felt like screaming gawddddddddd help me

I some how managed to take leave from sisters who seems to be sanum baloch’s huge huge fan and completed my fish cutlet and yogurt and ask my mother to finish her tea as quickly as possible and we just ran out of the cafeteria

 But yesterday I had a great day in the sense that I went out for shopping after ages and it was not for any grocery related item or any house hold thing, the shopping was solely for me as I have to buy the coke studio’s T form

He funk Asia outlet was close at the moment but luckily I got my T a t crossroads and like always the current collection of crossroads was so fantabulous that I was unable to decide what I have not to buy..

Either its clothes, shoes, hand bags or accessories .. I love crossroads

And to bring my excitement up to next level , I saw on tv that on Thursday the morning show host of ary dr shaista was wearing the crossroads’ wardrobe

 I would not be here on my birthday but after coming back a trip to crossroads and a exclusive shopping regime is done as I didn’t shop a single thing for my self since this year has started :-/ besides this coke studio T and a turquoise larger-than-life bracelet


Don’t Worry…


I might sense up to some extent what you are going through these days but trust me what ever would be happen, you will find no change in respect, love and feelings for you in my heart and life.

 Go for the best option you deserve and leave the rest upon al-mighty Allah. HE will never let happen any thing in our lives which will bring any kind of ill-fate for us. Because I truly and firmly deem that no matter how long would be the list of our black and white deeds, on thing in this universe is greater and more merciful than HIS blessings. 

HE is Generous, Kind, Forgiving.

 When our mothers can not see us suffering who kept us in her womb for 9 months so HE is the only one who created us and gave us this beautiful life. HE will surely listen our prayers as HE loves us 70 times extra than a mother.

 Have faith in ALLAH

Pray to ALLAH!


Windows live messenger 2009



I simply HATE HATE HATE WLM(windows live messenger) aka MSN.

sine it’s newer versions has released, its neither supporting the older one and nor the new one is working properly.

I am not a chat freak but still at times one need to use msn to lighten up mood but its been more than two weeks now, this wlm thing is only boiling my blood :@

thanks a million to so many web based messengers like




and many more than i can view my contact list and chat a bit with my friends too but still i have become so addicted to damn msn interface that i don’t enjoy these tiny miny blessings :-/

what do I do fellas :S


So many whats about me :D

The moment i read it over siras and ubiad‘s blog, i made up my mind, no matter how long it will take, i will definately decorate my blog with this one day and here i am 😀

You Are “Hi”

You are laid back, happy, and cheerful. You are casual, and you stay away from stuffy environments.
You tend to be witty and sharp. You keep other people on their toes.

Energetic and hyper, you tend to be a person of action not of words.
Whenever you have something to say, you communicate it quickly and clearly.

What Greeting Are You?


You Are a Caramel Frappuccino

Creative and expressive, you tend to match your Frappuccino flavor to your mood. And a flavored syrup is always a must!

What Flavor Frappuccino Are You?


Your Love is Green

When you love someone, it’s a very rational process. You love with your head first.
Love is all about fitting a person into your life. You can’t love unless the situation is just right.

You are an ideal partner in romantic relationships. You try to be as caring, loyal, and forgiving as possible.
You take love seriously, and you don’t give up on a commitment. You don’t need a ring to stay with someone through thick and thin.

What Color Is Your Love?

Really.. Am i that so boring :S

Your Love Sign is Cancer

You are a sensitive, romantic soul. You are classically romantic.
When you fall in love, you take it very seriously. You want to be bonded to your soulmate.

You tend to hold on to relationships way past their expiration date. It’s hard for you to let go.
You are the most loving of all types. You will go to great lengths to make your partner feel adored.

What’s Your Love Sign?

Gawsh! but i consider my self as a loyal SAGITARIUS according to my date of birth 😛

You Are Spirited

Your positive traits:

Your playful nature brings out the happy inner-child in dates
You’re willing to take risks in love… and reap the rewards
You’ve got a killer sense of humor that gets talking with any hottie you meet

Your negative traits:

Sometimes your sarcasm comes off as biting and abrasive
You can be brutally honest, tactless, and truthful even when it hurts
You’re such a free spirit that you find it hard to commit to one person

Your ideal partner:

Someone high energy who will pick up and out with you whenever
Is creative and fun – thinking of new adventures for the two of you
Is bold… and not afraid to tell you “I love you” early on

Your dating style:

Unpredictable. You never know how the night is going to end up.

Your seduction style:

Daring. You’re always pushing to try something new in the bedroom.
Full of imagination. You’ve always got a new fantasy you’re dying to try.
Spiritually driven. Sex for you can be an other-worldly act.

Tips for the future:

Realize that while freedom is great – sometimes a stable relationship is better.
It’s not all about you. Focus on your partner’s needs every once and a while.
Make up your mind about your partner, and stick to it. Your fickle will ruin things otherwise.

Best color to attract mate: Purple

Best day for a date: Thursday

What’s Your Love Profile?



Your Favorite Color Says You’re Timid

Naive — Innocent —Neutral
Shy — Serious — Stubborn
Ethical — Honest — Self-Important

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

me and stubborn o_O

Your Name is Blue

Your name tells people that you are friendly and caring. You have a strong sense of empathy, and you aren’t afraid to wear your heart for all to see.
You can often be found in quiet reflection. You rather think about something than act on it.

People see you as insightful and intuitive. You usually have a wise take on what’s going on.
You try to rise above your instincts. You believe that it’s important to live as good of a life as possible.

What Color Is Your Name?

must say.. quiet Impressive 😉

Your Life is Sometimes Satisfying

You enjoy life most of the time, but you could be getting more out of it.
You have your ups and downs, but probably more of them than is ideal.

Try to life a more balanced, simple life. It’s possible that stress is getting you down.
Or you may not be doing what you truly love. Seize the day, and follow your own path!

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You Are Calculating

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.
You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

The World’s Shortest Personality Test

woW… Is it really me … Am i dreaming or some thing 😛

Your Love Type: ISFP

The Artist

In love, you feel deeply and experience intense emotions.
For you, sex is serious. It’s how you best express your feelings.

Overall, you are laid back, warm, and a good listener.
However, you tend to seem lazy and disinterested sometimes.

Best matches: ESFJ and ENFJ

What’s Your Love Type?

Didn’t get it .. i guess i need to revise this quiz😛

Your Nail Polish Color is Red

How you’re unique: You have an incredible eye for style and art

Why your style rocks: You are classic and classy – and that’s hot!

What this color says about you: “I’m smart, sassy, and sexy. And I know it.”

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OoOpzz.. O la LA la :d

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110% RitOoooOOoo:D

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You have enough strength to help those around you in trouble.

You are adventurous and charming. Many people are drawn to you.
You love life, and you enjoy traveling the world. You enjoy fine food, art, and culture.

People have accused you of being a snob, but that’s not accurate.
You do enjoy the best things in life. Unlike snobs, you truly appreciate quality… not just pretend to

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